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this is the best thing in the entire world

she should greet jane as if nothing happened and see how jane reacts

she should avoid school the next day. And the next. Every night, she should put on the exact outfit she had on that day, hose herself down until she’s completely drenched and stand in Jane’s yard. When Jane is home alone, she should approach the window, staring at her. Knock on it if you don’t have her attention. 

That’ll get her back for killing you and trying to hide the evidence.

Ease up there, Satan.


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Does anybody ever think about how badass Madam Pomfrey is?


She never asks questions. Remember the time Hermione turned into a cat? She made sure no one saw her. She regrew a whole arm’s worth of bones in one night. She can mend bones in a second. She even kicks out Dumbledore on some occasions. Just think about how many students get injured in Hogwarts every year and she just fixes them back up like new. 

We all just need to take a second and thank Madam Pomfrey.


i have this headcanon that one day tonks told remus to buy a lil teddy bear for baby teddy and remus came back with a stuffed animal wolf and tonks was like seriously remus u had one job his name is literally teddy and remus was like no look it changes colors it’s a little metamorphmagus wolf u see what i did there

and to this day teddy keeps his little metamorphmagus wolf in his hogwarts trunk so he always has a piece of remus and tonks with him

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